11 reasons why you need this stylish camera bag!


We live in a world where branding is everything. As a Photographer this has never been more important. From the way you represent yourself on the day of the shoot, to how you organise those little squares on your Instagram page. Your brand is so important. A huge part of the hiring process is if your client buys into your brand. 

This is also true with your camera bag. Gone are the days where you need to carry bulky, ugly camera bags around. You want your bag to match your unique style, and the Tog Bag does just that. 

We have wrote a list of 11 reasons why The Tog Bag is the bag for you...


1. It doesn't look like a camera bag. 

As Photographers ourselves, we know how important this is. When you're carrying around thousands of pounds of kit, you don't want people to know it. The Tog Bag doesn't look like a camera bag, so you no longer have to travel with your kit worrying about thieves. Perfect for those Photographers who travel a lot!


2. It fits a 15" MacBook.

One of our most loved features is that the Tog Bag has a secret back pocket especially for your Laptop. As creatives, most people tend to have 15" laptops so you will be able to carry it around and edit on the go!


3. Its perfect for every situation. 

Photographers live very busy lives! If we aren't editing or on shoots-  we are out and about either cramming the gym into our daily routine, travelling on planes to do shoots abroad or even picking up the kids! This is where the Tog Bag is perfect for every possible situation. You can take out the camera dividers and use it to pack your gym gear, use it as an overnight bag, pretty much any situation! 


4. Fits as hand luggage when travelling abroad. 

Most airlines nowadays allow you to take 2 bags for hand luggage. The Tog Bag fits as hand luggage so you can carry all your kit onboard with you, as well as your other hand luggage case to pack everything else! Saving you money on checking in a suitcase and giving you peace of mind!


5. Fashionable 

Every Photographer has their own unique style. The Tog Bag's simple and sleek design was created to compliment this, whatever your style, age or gender.


6. Makes shooting simpler.

Never miss a shot again! One of the best features of the Tog Bag is it side pocket, which makes it easy to grab your camera whilst the bag is on your back. Perfect for travel Photography! 


7. All our bags are made with Vegan Leather.

What’s so great about vegan leather? Only everything. Number one, it’s not made from the skin of dead animals. Plus, it’s easier on the planet—and très chic.


8. An unboxing experience that you certainly won't forget. 

We think the unboxing experience should be something exciting. Thats why we have put a huge effort into our packaging. Each bag comes in a stunning reusable box, which you can use to store all your kit when not using it! 


9. Even though its grey, those stains won't stay!

The Tog Bag is made from a very durable material which is water resistant and wipes away any dirt it may endure whilst on shoots. So you really can have a stylish camera bag without worrying about it getting dirty!


10. Its comfortable to wear.

One of the worst things about being a Photographer is all that back/neck ache that comes with carrying heavy gear! The Tog Bag has mesh panelling at the back and on the straps which allows comfort whilst wearing it. 

11. Smart storage for the important stuff. 

Special pocket for business cards so you can network in any situation (gone are the days of handing a crumpled business card from the back of your bag to a potential clients!)

This bag really does have everything you need to make your life as a Photographer simpler!

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