Top 10 Photographer Must Haves

Who doesn't love a gadget?! 

Below is a list of 10 photographers’ must-haves that's been compiled by Tog's founder Alishia Love. Amongst a Tog London staple, Alishia has included gadgets that help her on set as well as during her late-night editing sessions.

All the items can be used no matter your skill level or shooting style, they’re must-haves for any photographer!

1. Hard Drive Organiser - Of course I had to start with a Tog Ldn staple! The Hard Drive Organiser is an office essential for all creatives as it can store up to 6 hard drives, your wacom or editing tablet of choice, plus it has space for cables and SD adapters. It's sleek and stylish design means it stores your all important data safely and securely without being an eyesore in your office. Grab yours!⁠

2. Loupedeck + - This is an editing console which allows you to edit in Lightroom & Photoshop using dials to speed up the editing process. Instead of jumping between complex menus and panels, all the controls you need are right at your fingertips. Rate and cull through hundreds of photos in minutes, precisely colour-grade your videos, and more with a simple push of a button or turn of a dial or wheel. Loupedeck+ has 8 buttons dedicated to saving your favourite Lightroom presets. Grab one here!

3. A Label maker - This has truly been a life saver as I now name all of my portable hard drives, this way nothing can ever go missing or it doesn't take me hours to work out which one contains the files I'm after. Order yours here.

4. Silicon lens caps - I don’t know a single photographer that’s not lost a lens cap on set so these are super helpful to have as backup. Grab yours here. 

5. Lens cleaning kit - This is so helpful to have both on set and at home for when you’re prepping for an up and coming shoot, as we all know there is nothing worse than a smudged lens. Grab your kit here. 

6. Laptop cooler stand - Designed to help to keep your laptop cool so it runs faster, I use this almost every night when I'm up late editing client galleries. Order yours here.

7. Massager machine to help sore shoulders - Honestly this thing works wonders after a long day on set especially after carrying round all of your camera gear around. Grab yours here, I promise you won't regret it!

8. That Candid Shot camera strap - These camera straps make the perfect gift and they're far more aesthetically pleasing that canons bright red ones.  Grab yours here!

 9. Phone tripod and self timer button - I use this at every shoot because it allows me to capture some candid BTS content whilst shooting which is great to repurpose into Reels and other social media content. Order yours!

10. Daily Edit Deskpad from The Studio Edit - This desk pad helps me stay organised and productive throughout my busiest days. The minimal layout provides plenty of writing space so you can totally make it your own. Grab yours here.

You can use code ‘TOG10’ for 10% off The Studio Edit website. 

*This blog post includes affiliate links.