Photographer of the month - Rebecca Spencer

We absolutely love seeing all our customers fantastic Photography, and we think you would love to see it too! So we have decided that each month will choose a customer who will be our Photographer of the month and write a blog post sharing their work with you all. 

This month we met up for breakfast with fashion Photographer Rebecca Spencer in Notting Hill and asked her a few questions about herself and her work...

1. What kind of Photography do you do?

Street style Fashion Photography and social content Photography for brands.


2. Which cameras do you have?

Canon 7D, and my trusty Olympus Pen.


3. Whats your favourite lens?

Definitely the 24-70mm f2.8!


4. Do you prefer shooting in Natural light or Studio light?

Natural light!


5. Which Photographers inspire you?

Jessica Kobeissi & Rosie Hardy.


6. To date, what has been your best Photography job?

When I got to travel to Jamaica for a Photo shoot, it was pretty amazing! 


7. What advice would you give to Photographers starting out in the Photography industry?

Have confidence and know your worth!


8. Finally, what is your favourite feature of your Tog Bag?

The back pocket section where I can keep my 15" MacBook! It means I can edit on the go and it keeps it safely protected. 


You can see more of Rebecca fantastic work below, or on her Instagram or her website