Photographer of the month - Jade Keshia Gordon

At TOG we like to celebrate and share different Tog's talents, so every month we share different Photographers work on our blog and give you an insight into their world and work. This months Photographer of the month is Jade Keshia Gordon at JKG photography...


What kind of photography do you do?

Fashion & Beauty


How long have you been doing photography?

It was 8 years December just gone.


Best experience shoot photography?

That’s really hard to choose, I would say shooting the nike curve influencer campaign in 2017


Looking back, What advice would you give yourself when starting out in photography? 

Don’t rush.

What’s meant to be will happen.


What's your favourite feature of the Tog Bag and why?

How light weight it is, I tend to carry my entire kit, two lenses my flash and my MacBook Pro 13inch and I can say on my back it doesn’t feel heavy at all.


What's your favourite lens and why?

85mm 1.8, I love the depth of field it creates especially when shooting bloggers the outfit stands out twice as much.


Which cameras do you have?





Do you prefer working with natural light or studio?

Ooo that’s a tough question, I don’t think I can choose I love elements from both.


Which photographers inspire you?

Annie Leibovitz

Nick Knight


Lara Jade


Where can we find your work?


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

With my own studio, running that alongside JKG MASTERCLASS. Giving back teaching the next generation.



You can see some of Jades fantastic work below...