Photographer of the month - Jovana Rikalo

Well, time has flew by since our last blog post. Last year was such a busy one, we didn't get chance to do a Photographer of the month. But we are going to keep it up for this year! It's so inspiring seeing different Photographers from around the world and sharing their work with you guys and finding out how they got to where they are today.

So, this months Photographer of the year is Jovana Rikalo. 

Jovana is a fantastic Photographer from Serbia, with an absolutely stunning instagram 

We asked her a few questions...

1. What kind of Photography do you do?

I do fine art, portrait and fashion photography the most. 

2. How long have you been doing Photography and how did you get into it?

I've always loved photography. As I was studying law, on the second year I bought a new camera, and started exploring photography a little bit more. At that time I was found an amazing talented Tim Walker and I was inspired by his work. I wanted to try to do something and to give myself  a chance to at least try make something. I was taking random pictures of myself and nature and my friends to capture memories, mostly just for fun. I didn’t start taking it seriously until the 2013 when I bought better camera and realised how passionate I was about photography. Then I really started growing. Taking photos every day really pushed me to learn the tricks behind the editing process. Also, I was learning through youtube, was watching online tutorials as well.

3. What is your best experience whilst working as a Photographer?

I must say that every shoot is most experience shoot because I always learn something new and you have plenty of unexpected circumstances. That's always fun :)

4. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself when starting out in Photography?

To less listen others and more yourself. Follow your own instinct and don't let anybody put you down, worry less and everything will be fine at the end.

5. What is your favourite feature of the Tog Bag and why?

I must say I love my Tog Bag so much! I carry everywhere with me on my travels. The bonus is that its a good looking bag because all photography bags are so unattractive and this one is so feminine! Love how you have plenty of space for lenses, books, laptop and everything you need!

6. Which cameras do you have?

I own Canon 5D mark III camera.

7. What's your favourite camera lens and why?

I must say that the best purchase for me was my fav lens 85 m m f 1.2 because depth of field is amazing, subject really pop out and you can make wonderful portrait, especially when you shoot outside and on natural light, you can get that dreamy effect.

8. Do you prefer working with natural light or studio?

I love shooting on natural light, during the winter is best for me because I don't have shadows and harsh light. Cloudy weather is best because the light is so soft. Also, in summer, golden hour is one of my favorite. Not to mention fog, I love shooting in fog the most!

9. Which Photographers inspire you?

Tim Walker, Rosie Hardy, Oleg Oprisco, Alessio Albi etc- they are so talented photographers and such an inspiration!

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Shooting and shooting, having a big studio, doing workshops worldwide, exhbit in galleries and telling stories :)

11. Where can we find you?


Check out some Jovana's amazing photography below...